Een groep tweejarige paarden nieuwsgierig naar het laatste nieuws van Pweb Solutions.

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Haras des Rosiers

De nieuwe website van Haras des Rosiers is online! Ze beschikken niet alleen over talentvolle hengsten, ook hun fokkerij is meer dan uitstekend: verschillende 'des Rosiers' producten draaien internationaal verdienstelijk mee! Ruiter Nathan Budd sprong zich recent nog in de kijker tijdens Saut Hermès. Hij werd daar tweede met Bald...

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Stallion catalog Regenwortelhoeve

The Regenwortelhoeve also relied on Pweb Solutions for their stallion catalog. In addition to Etoile van de Neerheide Z, Etino R Z, Vanqueur R, Dante and Quannan R, they also offer the stallion President for stud! Became curious? </ iframe> </ div>

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Bericht aan onze klanten: GDPR | AVG

General Data Protection Regulation | Algemene Verordening Gegevensverwerking Op 25 mei 2018 treedt de nieuwe privacywetgeving “Algemene Verordening Gegevensverwerking”, afgekort AVG, in werking in elke EU-lidstaat. De nieuwe privacywetgeving is gebaseerd op bestaande wetgeving en handelt kort samengevat over: persoons...

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Renewal LRV Site

Communication is 90% listening and 10% speaking, but the goal of this LRV site is to provide 100% information for both LRV and non-LRV members. This website is the central channel, where all information is centralized and published, so that everyone can find what he or she is looking for! Curious? Take a look!

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New stallion catalog De Brabander


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New site for Oakland Stables


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Stallion brochure Lauw van Vliet

We also designed a new stallion brochure for Lauw van Vliet. Curious? Take a quick look here:

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V.O.R. already exists for 50 years!

 In 1967, "Vriendenkring Onze Ruiters" was founded, half a century later V.O.R. is known as "Flemish Independent Riders". Fifty years of history formed the ultimate opportunity to put all those champions and memorable events in the spotlight.    V.O.R. asked Pweb Solutions to design a newspaper in honor...

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New site for Schep Stables

The 2018 breeding season is getting closer! Schep Stables wants to inform its customers in the best possible way and thus opted for a beautiful new website. Egbert Schep has been known for many years as a discoverer of many young talents! He discovered and traded international superstars such as Big Star, Aquila HDC, Alicante, Warrant, Zerlin, ..

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