Een foto van ons recent nieuws.
Een foto van ons recent nieuws.

27 apr

Start your own online auction easily

There has been a strong increase in the online sale of horses in the last couple of years, an evolution that will only continue to develop. Our customers ET-Auction and were the trendsetters of online auctions.

Pweb was the first to develop a platform for online horse auctioning. Thanks to this online system you can not only trade horses worldwide easily, as organization you have a lot of control over the entire process: you can follow the bids, determine who can bid, change the conditions and more importantly: auction when you want and as often you want!
You remain the owner of the data at all times, which is not guaranteed with other auction platforms.

The advantages:
• Unlimited number of auctions
• Full management
• Customer data is your property
• Your own conditions
• No external party required
• One-time setup
• Combination of physical & online auction possible
• Targeted (online) marketing
• Custom solutions possible

Want to know more about starting an online auction?
Click here and discover all possibilities and our references!

We can assist you in the whole process if necessary:

• starting with the preparation (photography, video, getting the collection online,...)
• to promotion (via a global targeted marketing campaign) 
• until after the auction (emails to the winners of the auction will be sent automatically or can be settled afterwards)