In recent years we invested a lot in our own projects. In 2009 we launched the biweekly newspaper Haverklap. Also, our online portal has been the strongest brand in the Belgian equestrian world for years., een hippische nieuwssite uitgegeven door Pweb Solutions.
2000 has been Belgium's largest equestrian portal since 2000.;. We have more than 250,000 unique visitors each month. The website brings news on all the disciplines and levels of the equestrian sport. We also have an event calendar, ads page,... .
This is particularly an interesting medium for advertisers.

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Haverklap, een hippische krant uitgegeven door Pweb Solutions.


Since 2009 we publish a Flemish horse newspaper. Haverklap bring up-to-date reports and intrusive interviews every two weeks Current and up-to-date. You can read all the news about the equestrian world, of all disciplines, across all levels in Haverklap. All subscribers can also read the newspaper online.

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The greatest strength of our own projects and products is that everything can happen "in house" from start to finish. From editing to photography, from graphic design to programming: our team realizes it!